Thursday, September 21, 2017

SAMBA Board Nominations

SAMBA folks,

It is the time of the year when we will begin taking nominations for the SAMBA Board.  Any 2017 paid SAMBA member can nominate or be nominated for the Board.  Nominations are open starting today and will end on Wednesday, October 25th.  Those nominations will then be voted on at our Board meeting the following day on October 26th.  Send your nominations to our email: 

There are currently two At Large Board spots open.  However, you may nominate for any Board Position.  There is a total of 12 Board spots. 

SAMBA Board duties include: Attend Board Meetings once a month, which are held on the last Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm, Be willing to head up or serve on small committees on various projects, Help out at as many of our work days as possible, Reach out to folks for sponsorship, membership, etc., and have FUN helping to make the mountain bike community here in Spartanburg better!!  These are some of the main duties but there will be more! 

We are looking forward to another Awesome year for SAMBA and look forward to working with all of you, whether Board member or not, to make that happen!!


Kevin Hames
SAMBA President

Thursday, June 29, 2017

20th Annual Stump Jump 2017

The 20th Annual Stump Jump took place on Sunday, June 25th and was a HUGE SUCCESS!!



SAMBA has many people to thank for making this event successful:

      *  Thanks to the 130 mountain bikers that came out to race in the event!

      *  Thanks to USA Cycling & Jim Smalley for having this event as part of the Southern Classic Series!

      *  Thanks to David Harlowe for coming to do timing at the last minute!

      *  Thanks to Croft State Park for allowing us to use the Southside Trail System for the race!

      *  Thanks to all of our AWESOME Sponsors of this event:  Spartanburg County Parks Department, Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute, Trek Store of Spartanburg, Friends of Croft, HSGM, Paul Melotte, Spartanburg Convention & Visitors Bureau, Partners for Active Living, Freehub Bicycles, & Bicycle Time!

      *  Thanks to the Calabash Wagon Food Truck for being onsite for food!

      *  Thanks to Kellie Muddiman for making the Awesome Medals for the racers!

      *  Finally, THANKS to the many tireless Volunteers that were there in the days leading up to the event and on the day of the event helping with trail maintenance, course marking, parking, registration, course marshaling, hydration station, food, awards, set-up, clean-up, and any other things that were needed!!!  We would not have been able to have this event without our Volunteers!!

***Start making plans to be at the 21st Annual Stump Jump in 2018!  SAMBA has plans in the works to make this a huge weekend event next year with many events!  We will need even more Sponsors and Volunteers!  Let's make the 21st Annual Stump Jump in 2018 the best ever!  We hope to see you there!***

Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 SAMBA Membership Drive

It is almost that time of year, Mountain Biking Season!!! The days are getting longer and it's time to dust off all the cob webs and tune up those gears! Spartanburg Area Mountain Bikers Association wants YOU to join us. We are a growing group of individuals who love to get out and enjoy our wonderful trails right here in Spartanburg. We have been working hard on cleaning up trails at Croft State park and have much planned for 2017! We want you to be a part of everything that SAMBA has to offer.

$50 SAMBA Membership Includes:
- 10% Off Parts/Accessories/Clothing at Trek Store.
- 10% Off Parts/Accessories/Clothing at Bicycle Time.
- SAMBA T-Shirt
- IMBA Membership ($35 of your $50)
- Access to SAMBA Tent at Spartanburg Criterium
- Weekly Rides/Weekend Trips/Socials
- Helping Improve the Trails We Ride

Friday, October 21, 2016

SAMBA Board Elections

SAMBA Board Elections were held last night at Growler Haus in Spartanburg.  We are excited to have an Awesome group of 12 people representing SAMBA for the next year!  Here is your new SAMBA Board:

President:  Kevin Hames

Vice President:  Gaetan Hemond

Treasurer:  Johnny "Rocker" Cyrill

Secretary:  Kristy Hames

At-Large:  Edith Slovak

At-Large:  McKenna Sprouse

At-Large:  Will Beeker

At-Large:  Bridget Chastain

At-Large:  Allen Lemaster

At-Large:  Mike Cox

At-Large:  James Horne

At-Large:  Brian Singleton

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stump Jump 2018

Sponsorship Needed

The 2018 Stump Jump will be the 21st Anniversary of the Mountain Bike Race!!  The date for this event is TBD.  SAMBA is planning to make this a huge event!  We are planning to have a weekend full of events leading up to the 21st Anniversary Race.  SAMBA is looking for many Sponsors to help us make this huge event a success!  If you can help or if you know of a willing sponsor please let us know!  Thanks!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trail Building and Maintenance Guide

All you trail builders and wanna be trail builders will like this. It the government standard Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook. You can request a copy or download a pdf copy of it. Lots of good stuff in it to learn or refresh your trail building and maintenance skills.

As we move forward with SAMBA it is important to educate ourselves, both where we came from and where we are headed.  Read, ride, learn and teach.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Signage II

Will wonders never cease?  I was just pondering the signage at Croft yesterday and BAM! New signs appeared thanks to Steve Fincher @ Steve Fincher Photography.  Folks, things are getting better at Croft everyday.

Come out and ride the trails around Croft. See for yourself.  There's nothing like it in the Upstate. Sounds like there are some more signs on the way and a trail phone app may even be coming. Momentum, its what give us the rush we seek and it is also what is going to make the Spartanburg area a mountain biking destination very soon.