Friday, October 21, 2016

SAMBA Board Elections

SAMBA Board Elections were held last night at Growler Haus in Spartanburg.  We are excited to have an Awesome group of 12 people representing SAMBA for the next year!  Here is your new SAMBA Board:

President:  Kevin Hames

Vice President:  Gaetan Hemond

Treasurer:  Johnny "Rocker" Cyrill

Secretary:  Kristy Hames

At-Large:  Edith Slovak

At-Large:  McKenna Sprouse

At-Large:  Will Beeker

At-Large:  Bridget Chastain

At-Large:  Allen Lemaster

At-Large:  Mike Cox

At-Large:  James Horne

At-Large:  Brian Singleton

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stump Jump 2018

Sponsorship Needed

The 2018 Stump Jump will be the 21st Anniversary of the Mountain Bike Race!!  The date for this event is TBD.  SAMBA is planning to make this a huge event!  We are planning to have a weekend full of events leading up to the 21st Anniversary Race.  SAMBA is looking for many Sponsors to help us make this huge event a success!  If you can help or if you know of a willing sponsor please let us know!  Thanks!!